Satellite observations


Since 2021 we started to deeper investigate the power of Earth observations using Sentinels from the Copernicus program. We are mainly interested in local applications concerning agriculture, vegetation coverage and water resources.


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Using space observations we study dynamic objects like cataclysmic variables and active galactic nuclei. We are interested in the fast variability (so called flickering). This finger-print of undergoing accretion requires high quality time series in optical and X-rays. For this reason we are oriented mainly to X-ray observatories like XMM-Newton or Swift. The optical character of the process can be studied from the ground, but spacecrafts like Kepler and TESS totally changed the paradigme of flickering study thanks to their sensitivity and observation coverage.

Majority of our team is oriented more to IT technologies, rather than physics. This is based on the character of the host faculty. Our software ingineers offer databaze, scripting and automation support for satellite observations to Slovak astronomical comunity. For now, we can help in extraction of basic products from XMM-Newton, Chandra, Swift, Kepler, TESS or NuSTAR archive.

Finally, we start to study and (try to) apply machine learning to astronomical research. We welcome any scientific suggestion or inspiration, but please be patient. We need time...


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Pavol Bezák space      researcher, signal analysis, periodic variability, XMM-Newton
Dominika Janíková     space      researcher, signal analysis, stochastic variability, Swift, TESS
Michal Prišegen space      researcher, astrophysicist, Gaia
Denis Benka space      PhD student, signal analysis, stochastic variability, use of AI, NuSTAR
Jozef Magdolen space      PhD student, signal analysis, periodic/quasiperiodic variability, use of AI, Chandra
Andrej Dobrotka  space      scientific leader, astrophysicist (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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